Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 7 – 18, 2020)

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Will Amanda finally find out why she looks so much like Hilary? Will Billy find a friend to help him get back at Adam? What will Adam’s big “announcement” next week be? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for September 7 to September 18, 2020.

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12. Devon Decides To Help Amanda Out

Devon’s flip-flopping right now, but he’ll do the right thing and help Amanda out by providing something of Hilary’s. While they will test the items out, could one of Hilary’s items trigger something in Amanda to tease what their connection is? Maybe she has a similar jewelry piece, or maybe she has something identical to Hilary’s that will raise some eyebrows?

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11. What’s Her Link To Hilary?

It’s easy to say that Amanda and Hilary could be twins — it’s the most logical explanation. Not only has this storyline been played out multiple times within Genoa City, but other soap operas as well. It sometimes seems as if “everyone” has had a twin or doppelganger at some point in their lives. With that said, they could be just sisters or even cousins. But what if Amanda is Hilary. What if it turns out she didn’t pass away, was switched at the last minute, or something along those lines. Sounds off-the-wall because everyone saw her pass away on that hospital bed, but this is the land of daytime drama where anything can happen.

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10. Vicky’s Power Move

According to Y&R spoilers, Vicky’s set to make a major power move the week of September 7th and even Nick will be taken aback by what she does. She’s sold off a bunch of divisions within Newman Enterprises, so she may decide to sell the entire company. Then there’s a chance she could do something way over-the-top, and completely merge Newman with Jabot to annoy her father. She may even change buy up all of Newman’s stock as a power grab.

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9. Victoria and Theo

These two were flirting this past week, so could they cross the line next week or the week after that? Y&R spoilers hint that Theo will be his own worst enemy, and potentially jeopardize the good thing he has going with Lola. Could he hook up with Victoria, and try to hide it from Rosales?

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8. Theo Plays Both Sides

Theo and Vicky may not only have a one-night stand, but they may also jump into a full-on affair, one that revolves around the bedroom only, so Theo won’t feel bad about continuing to string Lola along. He’ll play both women so he can have his cake, and eat it too. Victoria won’t feel guilty because she doesn’t want a relationship; however, Lola will be left in the dark.

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7. Sharon’s Condition Affects Adam

Sharon will learn that her cancer is back, and while this will devastate Rey, her kids, Nick, and other friends, it’ll affect Adam, too. He’s already spiraling and learning about Sharon will only heighten his neediness when it comes to her. She’ll want to continue to help Adam, even though she needs to focus on her health. This will also enhance the stress and conflict between her and Rey.

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6. Chelsea Behind It All?

Y&R video preview implies that a letter will come in the mail from Sharon’s doctor, and Rey will take a peek at it first, and then reach out to Nick. What if Sharon’s fine, and the letter was typed up by Chelsea in an attempt to keep Sharon away from Adam? If she’s preoccupied with her cancer coming back, she may focus on that instead of Adam. If Chelsea organized this all, it could come back to bite her in the butt.

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5. Adam’s Announcement

Adam’s announcement could be several things. He could decide to officially leave Chelsea and Connor. He could also announce he’s turning himself into the cops, or simply leaving Genoa City. He could even do something as simple as denouncing the Newman name. He may feel as if changing his name all together could erase the curse that has been following him since he re-entered Genoa City.

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4. Victor Crosses A Line To Help Adam 

Victor is going to do something to try and help Adam this week; however, Y&R spoilers reveal that it will backfire. If Adam chooses to leave Chelsea, could Victor invite him to stay at the ranch? Adam may like the idea of being closer to Sharon and say yes. Nikki and Victor are set to get into some conflict this coming week, and Adam moving in could be the reason behind it. This could also set Chelsea off, especially if she knows that Adam will be closer to Sharon.

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3. Billy’s New Ally

Billy will be plotting against Adam, and in the next two weeks, and he’ll also be looking for an ally to help him. Victoria seems like a good choice, but the person to help Billy might be someone else. Could he recruit Nick for the assist? Nick’s not a fan of Adam, and he may be game. Then there’s the idea of Billy asking Phyllis for help. Bringing down Adam through Alyssa Montalvo could mean bringing down Chance, thus bringing down Abby.

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2. Phyllis Lies To Nick

If Phyllis joins forces with Billy, this could mean she’d have to lie to Nick about it all, and this could signal the beginning of the end for Phick. Nick’s been warned by multiple friends and family members about Phyllis, and it seems as if Nick will see those warnings all a little too late.

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1. Chance Digs Himself Deeper

While Chance tries to cover for Adam, he may be digging a hole for himself. Not only when it comes to what Alyssa is trying to uncover, but also as it relates to him and Abby. This super couple will struggle the next couple of weeks, as Abby will continue to question Chance when it comes to his friendship with Adam.

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