Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (April 15, 2019)

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Secrets are uncovered, suspicions arise, and someone proposes marriage? Sounds like another crazy week in the land of Genoa City! Learn more about what will happen with Nikki, Paul, Rey, Villy, Abby, Jack, and others in the Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of April 15, 2019.

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9. Nikki Uncovers Something Shocking

Hold onto your hats, Y&R fans! Something very shocking is about to come down the pipe, and it involves the Newmans. In fact, Nikki Newman will find something that will surprise her. Y&R spoilers seem to tease that this may have to do with something Victor is up to. Could it be a storyline that launches Adam Newman’s return? In other related teasers, Nikki will also reach out to Paul and confide in him.

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8. Paul’s Suspicions

Y&R spoilers tease that Paul will be quite suspicious of Rey this week. It’s not hard to see, as it has to be difficult to trust him after that entire J.T. murder debacle; however, with Rey covering for Mia in regard to Lola’s attack, Rey may do something to cause Paul to question him and his ethics. Williams is certainly on to something.

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7. Rey Turns To Sharon

Y&R spoilers indicate that Rey will tell Sharon all about Mia attacking his sister. Teasers suggest he’ll swear her to secrecy, and knowing Sharon, she’ll oblige; however, could Paul overhear this conversation? Is this why he has red flags popping up around Rey? Or could Sharon (accidentally) spill the beans, drawing attention to her new boyfriend?

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6. Jack Has Challenges

Y&R spoilers tease some challenges this week for Jackie. First, he and sister Ash will prepare for battle, as the stakes continue to rise between them and the cosmetic world. He’ll also fall hard and struggle to get up. In other related news, Billy and Phyllis will square off this week. Does this have to do with business or personal issues?

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5. Jack Loses It

Back to Jack. After the week he’s had, and Ashley getting the better of him, can you blame him? Not to mention Phyllis breathing down his neck! Y&R spoilers suggest that Jack will lose his temper, resulting in a full-on meltdown. He’s reaching his breaking point; however, Y&R fans know that this will simply be a bump in his road. He’ll recover in no time and fight to place Jabot back on the map.

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4. Abby’s Opening

Some feel-good Y&R spoilers to share! Abby will be busy next week prepping for the opening night of her new restaurant. She’ll have Lola there as a sidekick, ensuring those dishes are coming out yummy and looking fantastic. Expect some fun group scenes, as Genoa City residents come together to celebrate Abby and her new venture. Having said that, it seems like it won’t all be fun and games. Abby will be scrambling at one point, dealing with some damage control.

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3. Billy Proposes

Well, he’s certainly not wasting any time! Y&R spoilers indicate that Billy will get down on one knee and propose to Vicky this week. They had quite the adventure last week, as sparks flew between the two, and Billy may feel like he should strike while the iron is hot. Sounds great, but will she say “yes”? In other related spoilers, Vicky confesses something. Will she tell Billy about “all” that happened in Vegas?

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2. Lily Is A Free Woman!

Y&R spoilers hint that Lily will finally be a free woman this week, as she is released from prison. She did the time for her crime, and she’ll now get a nice new taste of freedom. But, will this be without Cane? It seems he will try and win her back, but she’ll insist they are done.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding up Y&R spoilers this week, Rey will be approached by Arturo with a deal of sorts, could this be the start of Rosales’ exit storyline? Meanwhile, poor Mariah will be startled by a worrisome message. Lastly, Devon will start gearing up for a comeback, and everyone loves a good rising-up-from-the-ashes storyline!

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