Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 25, 2019)

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It’s American Thanksgiving in the land of Genoa City this week, and Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans may be wondering what’s on tap! Well, a couple will be teetering; two characters will have a massive confrontation; and there should be a slew of holiday celebrations all around town! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of November 25, 2019.

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10. Nick Worries

Y&R spoilers suggest that Nick will start to worry about Chelsea and all the time she is spending with Adam now that she has moved in. He may start to feel that his brother is using Connor’s issues as a way to get closer to his girlfriend. This will all take a toll on the Chick relationship this week.

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9. Chelsea’s Tested

As the week rolls to an end, Y&R spoilers hint that Chelsea will be placed between a rock and a hard place. Seems as if someone will test her loyalties and there is a good chance she may have to choose between boyfriend Nick, and the father of her son, Adam.

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8. Adam and Sharon

Speaking of Adam, Y&R spoilers state that he’ll reach out to Sharon in the coming days. First, he’ll confide in her with something, and then he’ll ask her for some help. Will she lend a hand? Plus, how will Rey take the news that she’s giving Adam an assist? Only time will tell!

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7. Colin Points A Finger

Y&R spoilers indicate that Colin will throw son Cane under the bus, implicating him in the will scheme. Seems as if Ashby will be cornered, and at one point, he and Devon will have another faceoff. With actor Daniel Goddard exiting the show and soon, will this mess be what drives him out of Genoa City?

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6. Kyle and Theo

Kyle will try to adjust to all the changes going on at Jabot this week, but he’ll also have to deal with having new cousin Theo in his working environment. Y&R spoilers tease that Kyle will try and collaborate with Theo now that the new family member snagged a job within the company’s social media department. With that said, fans should expect these two to bump heads at some point.

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5. Time To Celebrate!

Some feel-good spoilers for a change! Y&R teasers state a special episode is on the horizon to celebrate actor Peter Bergman, who plays Jack Abbott. Bergman has been in the role for 30 years now, and fans will be privy to some special and memorable scenes with Peter, as Jack and Traci place the finishing touches on their book. It should be a nice show, with plenty of older video footage of Jack, all throughout the years.

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4. Dina’s Back

Y&R spoilers indicate a part of the special show for Jack will take place as the Abbott Family gatherings for a special occasion (potentially Thanksgiving), and even mom Dina will be in attendance. While scenes with Mergeron are far and few between these days, this should prove to be a real treat for fans of the actress (Marla Adams) and character.

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3. A Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Y&R spoilers reveal that Sharon will host a special Thanksgiving dinner at Crimson Lights for Genoa City’s homeless, and get a little bit of help from Rey, along with friends Nate, Elena, daughter Mariah, as well as Kyle and Lola. It’s not only a nice thing to do, but a nice deed to profile on the show. The holidays should also be about giving back to those in need.

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2. Newman Thanksgiving

Then, across town, The Moustache and Nikki will also host a Thanksgiving dinner for their clan; however, Y&R spoilers suggest that things will take an unexpected turn. Seems about right when it comes to this family, they can never just enjoy a family dinner without some drama – holiday or not!

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1. Reruns For Thursday and Friday

Y&R spoilers indicate that due to the American Thanksgiving holiday, fans should expect Thursday and Friday’s episodes to be repeat shows. Having said that, with shows in the U.S. being pre-empted as of late due to the presidential impeachment hearings, the shows this coming week may run as usual to make up for these lost days. Stay tuned, Y&R fans!

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