Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2019

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Steffy decides to drop the Hope For The Future line as Thomas goes after the Forrester Creations CEO chair, this fall on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Rick will return and try to win back Maya. Plus, Quinn has a decision to make and Katie fights for her life as a helpless Bill stands by her. Will Katie survive? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for fall 2019.

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12. Steffy Axes Hope For The Future

Speculation teases that Steffy will make a shocking, but purely business decision, to cut the Hope For The Future Line from Forrester Creations. Nothing new has been done on the line in months and Steffy will let Hope know that unless she comes back to work, the line is being axed. Hope will not want to lose her fashion line but also wants to spend as much time with her daughter Beth now that they’ve been reunited. She will tell Liam about it, but will he become involved and approach Steffy to ask her to reconsider her decision? Or will he decide to stay out of the dispute, for the sake of family unity?

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11. Thomas Wants To Run Forrester

Speaking of Forrester Creations, now that Thomas has recovered from his injuries and is out of the hospital, spoilers tease he’s going to go after the CEO position at the fashion house. With his father sympathizing with him, despite all the mistakes he’s made recently, he’ll count on Ridge’s support in his quest.

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10. Rick Recast

Rumor has it, Rick will return in the fall, and will be involved in a love triangle with Maya and Carter. And it looks like this version of Rick will not be played by Jacob Young, who viewers last saw in 2018. Kyle Lowder, who portrayed Rick from 2007 to 2011, recently exited Days Of Our Lives and could possibly be tapped for a return. But widespread speculation indicates that Justin Torkildsen, who played the character from 1999 to 2006, will reprise the role. Fans are excited that they will finally find out why Rick and Maya decided to divorce, shortly before Christmas last year.

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9. Custody Battle

Speculation states that Hope and Liam will seek custody of Douglas this fall. Lope feel that Thomas isn’t fit to take care of his son. Hope has already mentioned to Liam that Douglas would fit right into their family and Liam calls him “my freakin’ hero,” thanks to his honesty and bravery in telling them the truth about baby Beth. But will they take the next step and sue Thomas for custody? And what kind of consequence would that create for the Logans and Forresters?

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8. Zoe And Xander Return

Zoe and Xander have been off the B&B canvas lately but will return in the fall, determined to find redemption. Not only will they want their jobs back, but they will be deeply concerned when they find out Thomas is determined to win the CEO spot at Forrester. Zoe and Xander will resolve to take Thomas down, by whatever means necessary.

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7. Quinn’s Decision

Quinn will need to decide which woman to support, as her son Wyatt reunites with Sally but is still harboring feelings for Flo. His high school sweetheart will be unwavering in her quest to win Wyatt back and her mother Shauna will ask Quinn to help Flo. Quinn has told Shauna she can’t forgive them for what they’ve done but she also doesn’t like Sally. So which woman will Quinn support? And will she continue to meddle in her son’s life?

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6. Ridge And Shauna Fallout

The fallout from Ridge and Shauna’s night together will continue to affect Ridge’s decisions in the fall. He will come to sympathize even more with his son Thomas’ role as a baby Beth secret keeper now that he has his own secret to keep. Of course, Ridge is foolish to keep the details about his drunken night quiet, as he didn’t have sex with Shauna — he just passed out and woke up beside her.

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5. Shauna Sets Her Sights

Shauna will misconstrue Ridge’s kindness toward her, and spoilers show she’s starting to develop feelings for him. She will begin to believe that Ridge cares for her too and she will set her sights on winning him for herself. Her daughter Flo is horrified that her mother has developed feelings for Ridge and will beg her not to cause trouble. But Shauna will not be able to help herself and will pursue the designer, hoping to break up his relationship with Brooke.

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4. Bridge Trouble

Brooke and Ridge will continue to argue about Thomas and about Ridge agreeing to the immunity deal for Flo. Ridge will also make a promise to Brooke that he knows he can’t keep and that will be the start of even more trouble between them. And unknown to Brooke, Ridge is harboring a secret with Shauna. If he’d just told Brooke about his drunken Bikini Bar foolishness to begin with, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But in keeping this secret from Brooke, it seems obvious that once it comes out, she’s going to have trouble believing that nothing happened between her husband and Shauna.

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3. Brooke Turns To Bill

Spoilers tease that once more trouble hits the Bridge marriage, Brooke will once again turn to Bill for solace. Bill feels the same way Brooke does about Ridge’s son Thomas and will be more than willing to lend a sympathetic ear. But could it turn into more? Will Brill grow closer this fall and if so, what could it mean for Batie and for Bridge?

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2. Katie’s Medical Crisis

When Katie collapses and is rushed to hospital, Bill will panic and think he’s going to lose his fiancé. Speculation indicates Katie’s condition will be dire, and she may need a miracle to survive. Bill will feel helpless, but he will stand by her every step of the way and pray for Katie’s recovery. But will she survive the medical crisis?

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1. Change Of Heart

Viewers are speculating that while fighting for her life in hospital, Katie will begin to believe that Storm’s heart (which is in her chest) is literally breaking due to the way she and her sisters have been treating his only daughter Flo. Once she recovers, her whole attitude toward Storm’s daughter will have changed, and Katie will make it her mission to help Flo find redemption. But will she be able to convince the rest of the Logan women to do the same? Stay tuned to find out!

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