Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For October 2020

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Zende’s return to LA may throw Zoe and Carter’s budding relationship off course, this month on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Thomas and Hope will grow closer and Brooke’s revenge plan will turn Shauna’s redo wedding into an unmitigated disaster. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for October 2020.

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12. Thomas And Hope Grow Closer

Viewers know Hope is committed to her marriage with Liam but as she works on co-parenting Douglas alongside Thomas, the pair will grow closer. He’s apologized for his fixated behavior of the past and the two have forged a path that seems to be leading to friendship. But will his obsession with Hope stay in check?

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11. Carter’s Climbing Career

Carter’s excellent performance at work will earn him a well-deserved promotion at Forrester Creations this month. He’ll be thrilled about his new job title and will share the good news with Zoe. Carter will also suggest they head out for a night out on the town to celebrate his good fortune.

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10. Zende’s Homecoming

Zende returns to LA from Paris on October 7 and rumor has it he will be working at Forrester Creations on the Hope For The Future line. This means he’ll be working closely with Zoe, who will take notice of him immediately. It’s rumored that Zende’s arrival in town may throw Zoe and Carter’s budding relationship off course.

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9. Steffy Goes To Rehab

Viewers recently saw Steffy finally admit to Finn, Ridge and Liam that she was addicted to pain pills. Finn told her he could recommend an in-person facility where she could get the help she needed. Steffy will likely be absent for a few weeks this month as she kicks her addiction to opioids.

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8. Making Amends

Speaking of Steffy, she will likely return from rehab in late October. She will realize she owes an apology to several people, including Liam, Hope and Brooke. Steffy not only accused the trio of kidnapping her daughter, among other accusations, but she also pulled a knife on them. This month, she will do her best to make amends.

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7. Mother And Daughter Reunion

Although viewers aren’t likely to see it onscreen, Steffy will reunite with her daughter. After she returns home from rehab in late October, Liam and Hope will bring Kelly home. Once she’s settled at home and happily mothering Kelly, will she finally decide to take the Steam mural off her wall?

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6. Brooke Plots Her Revenge

Once Brooke hears the dreadful news that Ridge is going to remarry Shauna, she will storm over to the Forrester mansion to confront Quinn. Instead, she may end up eavesdropping on the two besties as they discuss how they set up Ridge in Las Vegas. What will Brooke decide to do with the information?

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5. Wedding Day Disaster

Shauna’s wedding redo will turn into a disaster for the former Vegas showgirl and her bestie Quinn. Spoilers tease a mystery guest will show up and this person will hold the fate of many in his or her hands. Could it be Shauna’s friend the wedding officiant? Will Brooke track him down so he can tell all at the ceremony?

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4. Karma Comes A Knocking

In a strange reversal of fortune, just as Brooke’s secret kiss with Bill was exposed at her reunion party, Quinn and Shauna’s dirty little secret will be exposed in front of all the wedding guests. Brooke will disclose how she heard the besties gossiping about Shauna texting Carter to file the papers ending her marriage to Ridge. The women will deny it of course, but will Brooke have proof? And if the Vegas wedding officiant is there, he will spill that Ridge was so wasted, he never even uttered the words I Do. Then karma will come for Quinn. She had a lot more riding on this wedding than Shauna did, and she certainly had a lot more to lose. And lose it she will.

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3. Eric Disowns Quinn

Rumor has it, just before the wedding, Eric will try to convince Ridge not to go through with it. He knows his son isn’t in love with Shauna and he will tell him it would be a mistake to remarry her. What he doesn’t know is that Quinn was the one pushing for the redo wedding in the first place. Once all of Shauna and Quinn’s secrets come out, Eric will be so angry with his wife that he will publicly rebuke her and may even disown her and kick her out of his house.

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2. True Love Triumphs

Spoilers tease true love will triumph over all which likely means that Ridge and Brooke will reunite. Ridge will apologize to Brooke for being a stubborn fool and not realizing he’d been duped by Shauna and Quinn. Of course, she’ll be happy to forgive him. With Carter and all the guests present, Bridge may get remarried.

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1. Donna Makes A Move

Quinn won’t take her break up with Eric lying down and she’ll do her best to atone for what she’s done. But Eric will have someone waiting in the wings to comfort him as he processes the collapse of his marriage. Donna has been anticipating the right opportunity to make her move on Eric again, so will she try to win her Honey Bear back? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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