Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (June 24, 2019)

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Bold & The Beautiful (B&B) takes a dark turn this week as an unexpected death occurs and families mourn. Also, Brooke continues to be suspicious of Thomas and Hope starts calling baby Phoebe “Beth.” Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of June 24, 2019.

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9. Brooke Leans On Bill

With her husband Ridge refusing to acknowledge his son Thomas is becoming unhinged, Brooke will vent her feelings to her ex Bill. She knows Thomas is manipulating her daughter Hope, but both Ridge and Hope don’t see it that way. Spoilers tease Brooke will share her misgivings about Thomas with Bill and may even ask Bill to do a little digging on Ridge’s son. The two of them will mull over Thomas’ questionable past. But it looks like Bill will shut her down, telling her the same thing Ridge did – their children need to make their own choices – they are adults after all. Bill may also be slightly wary of Brooke. If he agrees to help her, he could risk losing Katie again if she finds out he and Brooke are getting close.

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8. Dark Turn

Spoilers tease the baby Beth secret will take a dark turn this week, although it’s not like B&B has been all that bright lately to begin with. So how can it get much darker? With someone’s untimely demise – and chances are good that person will be Emma. And with Thomas making threats left, right and center against anyone who is even considering spilling the beans to Hope, will he finally snap and be responsible for the death?

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7. In Mourning

The Forrester, Logans, Spencers, Avants and Spectras will mourn one of their own this week. But who will it be? Speculation suggests, now that Emma has overheard two of The Three Stooges (Zoe and Xander) blabbing about baby Beth, she will die. Whether or not Emma has an unfortunate accident or is murdered remains to be seen. Those who knew her will be in shock that she is gone, and they will mourn her death, especially her Uncle Justin. Zoe and Xander should feel particularly guilty, as Zoe called Thomas to warn him. Obviously Xander stood by and did nothing, while Zoe’s phone call signed Emma’s death warrant. Spoilers show Quinn will comfort Eric and Steffy will comfort Hope. Everyone will share emotional memories of the young woman whose life was cut short.

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6. Pam’s Clue

There was a reason why B&B writers chose to show Pam speaking to Emma, who had been looking for Hope, saying she had to speak with her. Spoilers tease Pam will give Brooke a clue about what happened and who Emma was with just before her tragic death. And that person was none other than Thomas. Brooke’s radar has already been up when it comes to Thomas, and she’ll wonder what part, if any, he may have played in Emma’s death.

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5. Old Friend Comes A-Calling

In casting news, Joe LoCicero makes his B&B debut on June 27 as Thomas’ friend Vincent Walker. Rumor has it, he’s a bit of a shady character, and Thomas has called him for help in his plan to make Hope his wife. Will Vincent kidnap someone to keep them from spilling the baby Beth secret? And with another B&B death being teased, will this new character somehow be responsible for it?

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4. Bridge Falling Down

Spoilers tease Ridge and Brooke’s marriage will continue its descent this week as the pair take opposing viewpoints on Hope’s future. Ridge feels Hope should move on with her life, now that she’s annulled her marriage to Liam. And if she wants to move on with Thomas, why shouldn’t she? Highly suspicious of Ridge’s son, Brooke will argue that Thomas is an unfit partner for Hope. It looks like this argument may take place right in front of Hope, who will tell them her life is her own business and none of theirs.

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3. Hope Calls Phoebe “Beth”

Hope has had deep mental issues since Reese handed her a stillborn Beth on Catalina Island. And it looks like it’s going to get much worse this week. Spoilers indicate Thomas will begin to panic when Hope breaks down and calls baby Phoebe “Beth.” Of course, just about everyone at Forrester Creations, including Thomas, knows that Phoebe really is Beth. But Hope has no idea. Thomas will wonder at first if someone has spilled the beans to Hope but will then realize she is just in emotional turmoil, which fits in perfectly with his plans to manipulate her.

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2. Wyatt Pops The Question

As the week wraps up, Wyatt is going to start thinking about how short life is and he will make a huge life-changing decision. Viewers know Wyatt is the king of quickie marriage proposals. The only woman he was with for more than a couple of months, who he never proposed to, was the one woman he should have asked to marry him – Sally Spectra. Wyatt rushed his relationships with Hope, Ivy, Steffy and Katie and none of those relationships worked out. However, he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson and it looks like he won’t be able to wait long to propose to Flo either. Rumor has it, Wyatt will pop the question to Flo this week. She obviously cares deeply for Wyatt, but with the secret hanging over her head at every turn, will Flo say yes?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of July 1

Spoilers tease a former couple’s flame will reignite. Will it be Steffy and Liam? Viewers should prepare themselves for a hot Steam reunion, as all signs point to yes! Also, Thomas is going to get closer to achieving his goal of uniting with Hope. Will she finally open her heart to Thomas for Douglas’ sake?  Keep watching to find out!

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