9 Female Celebrities Who Need To Cover Up

There are some female celebrities in Hollywood who are a little too eager to share their goods with the world. Many of them seem so desperate for attention – any attention – that they are willing to show a ton of skin to get it, which is pretty sad. Some of these women are mothers and we can’t possibly imagine how embarrassing it must be for their children. Even if they don’t have children, there is such a thing as class and sometimes class means covering up. We have selected 9 female celebrities who need to realize that less is not always more!

9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves to shock people and one of the ways that she does this is with her ridiculous and revealing clothing. We’re pretty sick and tired of this. Many people have seen way more of her body than they’re comfortable with – us included. It’s really hard to take her seriously as a musician when all she really does is use her awful fashion sense to get our attention. Let’s hope that as she gets older that she tries something else – the scantily clothed pop star schtick has already been done a thousand times before.

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8. Maitland Ward

Many of you would probably only remember Topanga from “Boy Meets World;” however, we think Maitland Ward might have a problem with that. She played Rachel on the series and she seems to want everyone’s attention these days – and not the good kind. When she shows up on the red carpet, she’s usually scantily clad. We feel kind of bad for her. People aren’t going to remember her as an actress, but as the girl who dressed like a stripper.

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7. Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t as consistent as some of the other offenders on this list. We’ve seen her many times out and about covered up, like a lady; however, there have been other times where we’ve seen more of her than we ever wanted to see. This year, Rihanna showed up at the CFDA Awards in a sheer beaded gown, which left nothing to the imagination. Not the classiest of looks. We definitely prefer when she dresses like a lady.

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6. LeAnn Rimes

When LeAnn Rimes is out and about, she is usually fairly covered up; however, she spends an awful lot of time at the beach wearing the most ridiculous of bikinis. We remember one incident a few years ago when she posted a photo of herself wearing a really ugly swimsuit, looking like she hadn’t eaten for days. She wouldn’t tolerate people commenting on her weight, but she couldn’t stop putting those pictures out there. Why? Because she loves the attention.

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5. Amber Rose

Kanye West must prefer women who like show themselves off. He is currently married to one of the most attention-hungry celebrities in the world (Kim Kardashian) and, before he was married to her, he was dating Amber Rose, another celebrity who can’t resist an opportunity to show off what God gave her. This year, she wore a silver chain-mail dress, which was way too revealing. We like her more when she shows less skin.

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4. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has some of the worst fashion sense out there. She’s always showing too much skin and, even though she is currently in her 40s, we don’t expect her fashion to ever really change. Having a chest the size of hers can’t be easy. We imagine that finding clothes that actually cover her breasts must be nearly impossible. We feel really bad for her two sons, too. Having a mother who parades around wearing next to nothing has to be really embarrassing.

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3. Miley Cyrus

At one point, Miley Cyrus really wasn’t that unfashionable; however, since the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, she has replaced her former style with some of the ugliest – and most revealing – outfits that we have ever seen. We totally get that she wants to disassociate herself from “Hannah Montana” and Disney, but we’re not entirely convinced that this is the way to do it. In another 10 years, we hope Miley looks back and is mortified by what she is currently wearing.

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2. Nicki Minaj

When it comes to fashion, Nicki Minaj has no idea what she’s doing. On the red carpet, she is either blinding us with her bad color choices or she is disgusting us by showing WAY too much skin. We get it – she really likes her curves; however, she needs to understand that she has crossed way too many lines with her revealing clothing. Some people actually need therapy thanks to that trashy booty shot from her single “Anaconda.”

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1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has made a career out of showing people way more of herself than anyone really wants to see. Now that she has a child, she has really amped up her efforts to get everyone to see her in a sexual light, which means lots of excessively racy clothes. It doesn’t matter whether she is on the streets or on the red carpet – she is almost always showing TOO much skin. We kind of feel bad for little North. This is going to be embarrassing for her once she gets a little older.

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