Gwen Stefani Announces To Fans Her And Shelton’s New Couple Nickname – ‘Gwake’

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Singer and soon-to-be former The Voice coach Gwen Stefani shared with her Instagram followers an adorable video about her couple’s nickname for her and Blake Shelton.

“Just so you know, I got a new nickname for me and Blake, it’s called ‘Gwake,’ and I’m really excited about it!” Stefani gushed.

“It’s like Gwen and Blake together, but Gwake,” Stefani explained more in detail about the nickname. “I didn’t make that up, [Blake] made that up.”

Currently, the couple’s nickname – dubbed by fans – is “Shefani,” a combination of the couple’s last names.

Shelton and Stefani met on the set of Season 8 of The Voice. At the time, she and Shelton were both going through a divorce, and the two bonded over how they were going through similar experiences. Now, the couple has made it to the four-year mark of their relationship.

Stefani also shared another video, assumed to be on the lot where she and Shelton shoot The Voice, where Shelton complimented Stefani’s pink and white fringe-covered dress.

“Hey, look at that, doesn’t she look like a delicious ball of cotton candy? Delicious,” Shelton complimented. “I could go further into that [analogy] but it’ll get disgusting.”

Later that evening, after it was announced on the show that John Legend was crowned the title of Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE magazine – a title Shelton has received in the past – Stefani jokingly shared her condolences with Shelton while he stood next to a giant PEOPLE magazine poster cover of Legend.

An unfazed Shelton explained that he “taught him everything he knows.”

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