We Weigh In: Is B&B’s Liam Spencer The Worst Man On Daytime TV?

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The Bold And The Beautiful’s (B&B) Liam Spencer has been written into a corner. Fans used to root for their favorite, Steffy or Hope, to win him over but these days he doesn’t seem like much of prize. Could he be the worst man on daytime TV?

His most recent gaffe was jumping the gun when he thought he saw Hope kissing Thomas. However, she didn’t betray him at all. What Liam saw was a deluded Thomas kissing a mannequin. But in his mind it more than justified cheating on her with Steffy.

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Kiss or no kiss, the Steam hookup was inevitably going to happen. The moment Steffy’s new man Finn came into the picture, Liam realized she was slipping out of his reach. He was just waiting for Hope to screw up so he could reel Steffy in again. He can’t fathom being relegated to the role of ex-husband in either woman’s life.

Liam lacks maturity on many levels. Not only did he leap to the wrong conclusion about Hope and Thomas, but he also made the situation a thousand times worse by his own dirty deed. Of course, this has been Liam’s modus operandi for years and it’s one of the reasons fans have dubbed him The Waffler and The Flip Flopper. Sleeping with Steffy was just the most current in a long line of spineless actions committed by this character.

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Hope caught him kissing Steffy when Lope was engaged in 2011. When she broke up with him, he barely waited a day before he jetted off to Aspen with Steffy and married her. Two years ago, he got Hope pregnant while still married to Steffy. And shortly after Steffy gave birth to their daughter Kelly, she discovered him making out with Hope in a dressing room at Forrester Creations.

This past January, Liam proposed to Hope but she told him she had to think about it. As she approached the cliff house to say yes to his proposal, she once again saw him kissing Steffy. In the end, his excuse was that Thomas had manipulated the situation. But couldn’t he have just as easily pushed Steffy away?

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There have been many unfaithful and wishy-washy men on soaps over the years; however, most of them have enough self-awareness to realize they are cads. Liam pretends to be a good guy, yet he has proven time and again that he loves himself more than he loves either Hope or Steffy. But does this make him the worst man on daytime television? He sure comes close.

Is Liam Spencer the worst man on daytime TV?

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